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Indulge in a Wild Spa Experience

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This May, we’re collaborating with Kernow Springs to transform our spa offering into a truly special outdoor experience that embraces the earth’s natural elements. Set in our beautiful walled gardens, each and every aspect of our spa experience is a delightful treat for the senses. As the warmer weather edges closer, what better way to spend a spring afternoon?

Using a burning fire to power up our spa facilities, we’re conserving energy whilst also offering a unique primal experience. Our Swedish wood-fired sauna and Scandinavian wood-fired hot tubs are enough to send your body into a state of total relaxation. Providing irreplaceable feelings of heat and warmth, our fire-fuelled facilities provide the ultimate body detoxification.

If you’re daring enough, head to the invigorating cold-water drench bucket where you’ll experience truly revitalising sensations. Designed to improve lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation and boost your mood, shocking the body with cold water offers a wealth of health benefits. Comprised of approximately 70% water, our bodies thrive with exposure to this essential element as it restores our body to a sense of mental and physical equilibrium. The Wild Spa is highly hydrotherapeutic, making the most of this natural, available resource to maximise the body’s health.

There’s nothing quite like fresh air to cleanse the body internally. You’ll have a non-stop supply of nature’s medicine at our Wild Spa, with the fragrance of our Walled Garden to treat the senses. You’ll become ever-more aware of the earth’s natural beauty; the sounds of birdsong, to the calming scent of plants and shrubbery. If you find that you’re in need of a cosy indoor escape, you can head to the Bedouin chill-out lounge that’s equipped with an array of throws, bean bags and rugs.

A true sanctuary that embraces the finest elements that nature has to offer, our Wild Spa is an unforgettable experience like no other. So, sit back in our outdoor haven with a glass of Prosecco to explore just what your body is capable of. If you’d like to book with us, please see here.

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