A Night In With The Girls

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We’ve all heard the line “going out is the new staying in” a lot recently. Whether it’s to save the pennies, help lose the pounds or just because we’re embracing a simpler lifestyle, a Saturday night at home is perfectly acceptable.

However, staying in doesn’t have to be a forbidding or lonely experience. Let us welcome back the teenage sleepover.

The absolute classic sleepover has to be the one The Pink Ladies throw in the iconic teen musical, Grease. Maybe the DIY ear-piercing was not a good idea, and these days the cigarettes are unlikely to feature, however in terms of a girly gathering, carrying out ridiculous beauty treatments and giggling wildly until you’re bellies heart – it’s the perfect pyjama party.

The sleepover resonates with so many people, and because of this, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that we get it right. So here we have the ingredients for the ultimate great girls’ night in?

The Food

Food plays a central role, and preferably chocolate-based too – you are girls after all. Midnight feasts are a planned must, however unlike our teenage days, try to hold off consuming well before nine. Pizzas, popcorn and cake can all be given a more sophisticated twist to combine nostalgia with food that’s actually palatable. Our Woodland Homes have lovely contemporary kitchens for the girls to cook in – or for a special night-in treat, our chefs can prepare a meal for you and serve it in your house.

The Fizz

As a grown-up girl, alcohol is no longer a risky contraband lifted from your parents’ sideboard, and something fun, like prosecco is always perfect for an indulgent girly evening. We provide a bottle of fizz on your first night, or alternatively, you could always join us in The Sun Terrace for early evening drinks.

The Entertainment

Entertainment is essential. Even though conversation is unlikely to run dry, nothing beats watching a good movie with your friends, especially if it’s a film you’d never dream of watching with your partner, even better. We have a selection of movies for you to choose from, and we even supply the popcorn.

The Beauty

And then there are the beauty products… Ever since the days of The Pink Ladies, teenage girls have used sleepovers to experiment with dubious hair dyes, face packs, manicures and many other beautifying remedies too unpleasant to remember. The grown-up girls needn’t put themselves through this – our gorgeous spa has all the treatments you need.

The essential ingredient we haven’t laid on is the most important one – the company. The Girls’ Night In offer is based on four girls sharing a self-catering Woodland Home – so, get the girls together and choose a weekend.  Gossip, giggles and girliness are definitely guaranteed.

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