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Overheard at the school gates: “Why do mothers need a day anyway? Why can’t we have a boy’s day, or a children’s day?”

Think about a mother’s typical day. By the time she’s finally collapsed on the sofa in the evening, she will have been: chambermaid, short-order cook, wardrobe mistress, chauffeur, teacher, first aider, hairdresser, vet, master of ceremonies, adjudicator, maintenance person, PA, baker and storyteller. And that’s as well as her job and/or the housework. There are very few women who would say that parenting isn’t the best job in the world, and even fewer who would change anything. However, all would say that it’s tiring – and is “full time”, in its most literal sense.

Because that’s why mums need a day. Even if the mum in question has survived the school-run years, she’ll still be busy working or grandparenting or homemaking or volunteering; and after at least eighteen years of caring for us and our siblings, she definitely deserves pampering.

And to be honest, it’s for the rest of the family too. It’s lovely to get the chance to be able to thank our mums. Yes, we always love them, and thank them for something or other every day; however, caught up in our busy lives, it’s all too easy to forget to show just how much we truly appreciate them. Smaller sons and daughters love it too – the randomly-designed cards, the squished and wilting bunch of hand-picked flowers, the half-eaten box of chocolates… All given with love, and with grubby little fists.

So, gorgeous gifts from littlies aside, how can we really indulge our mums this year?

There are lots of things you can do. At The Cornwall, we’re offering that nicest of Mother’s Day traditions, the Sunday lunch. This is especially appreciated in households where Mum is the main cook. For something a bit lighter, cream tea is great way to Say It With Cake.

What can you present her with after her celebratory meal?  A Cornish take on the traditional Mother’s Day flowers is the beautiful scented narcissi from the Isles of Scilly. The fragrance of the Scillonian blooms can’t be described – it is simply breathtaking. Keeping it in county, Cornwall has had a delicious explosion of chocolatiers recently. This is the subject of a future blog post; however in the meantime, try Trenance Chocolate in Mullion.

However, perhaps what the busy mother really needs on her day is a bit of time…

If you’re wondering how to spoil a mum with very young children, a pampering day at The Clearing Spa could be the perfect present. She probably hasn’t had a bath on her own, with the door locked, with something more fragrant than Matey in the water, for years. The idea of time in the whirlpool or sauna is beyond blissful.

For really new mums, the spa offers the “Rose Hydrating Cocoon” aromatherapy massage – even its name makes your shoulders drop a little. There is a wonderful nurturing range of treatments at the spa to relax, rejuvenate or de-stress any mother. So she leaves The Spa feeling fabulous, there are manicures and pedicures. Some of the packages we offer include lunch at The Juice Bar, or even a sneaky glass of champers. Older offspring may want to arrange a special celebration at the spa, with the whole family unwinding together. For a great mother/daughter bonding session, a teenage package is available (just add giggles).

And afterwards, don’t let her rush back home for the bedtime rituals or to get supper on. Stroll through the woods, collapse on our sofas for a change and enjoy a glass of something fizzy. You could even arrange for her to have a night with us.

It’s Mother’s Day after all – make sure she enjoys every one of those twenty-four hours.

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