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Living and breathing Cornwall: the benefits of country life

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Cornwall is famed for many things; pasties, fudge, ice cream, sunshine. But above all that one of the best things about Cornwall is the fresh, clean Cornish air!

Our estate is packed full of woodland and parkland which is perfect for escaping the noise and pollution of city life. It is estimated that around 75-80% of the UK’s population live in cities and the figure is even higher if you include towns. City life has its pros and cons but sometimes you need to just drive away from the cities and breathe a bit of fresh country air.

Here are our favourite things about living and staying in the Cornish countryside:

Private and peaceful

Leave the noise of the hustle and bustle behind you. Forget highrise buildings, petrol fumes and noise pollution; you can leave all of that behind and escape to Cornwall’s rolling hills, quaint cottages and most importantly – peace and quiet!

Time to yourself

With work, family, and friends it can be easy to forget to have some time to yourself once in a while. Whether you want to stay with us or just visit for the day, Cornwall has some fantastic sights to see and beautiful places to get lost in. We recommend The Lost Gardens of Heligan (which also happen to be two minutes from our front gate!).

Clean country air & sustainable living

If you’ve been to Cornwall before you may have noticed our wind turbines. We are very big on renewable energy and sustainable living down in Cornwall which in turn improves air quality. Many residents drive hybrid cars or just walk everywhere. With air this clean and countryside this beautiful who can blame them?

A chance to slow down

Life is often lived at 100 mph in towns and cities. Take some time to slow down – your body and your brain will thank you for it! Take some time to explore our estate’s woodland and parkland and feel a little closer to nature. Indulge in some real relaxation with a treatment in The Clearing Spa or go for a dip in our Infinity Pool overlooking The Secret Garden – bliss!
To book a treatment in The Clearing Spa please call our spa team on 01726 807595

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